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Siral is a True Manufacturer
Is Security of Supplies a Top-Priority in Your Organization?
Siral is a company with a long tradition in the world of brass working.
We give a big value to our tradition because it results in big experience offered to our custemers of today and tomorrow:
Our products and processes are certified in the most important countries in Europe and worldwide (CE, GASTEC, DVGW, SVGW, UL, KIWA, AGA, IMQ, ARGB, NF, ADVANTICA). Furthermore flexibility and reliability in product design, precision and quality of our production processes and final control guaranteed by the most severe ISO 9001 norms allow us to offer the best results in terms of quality, safety and consistency of performance in the several application fields of our products.

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The success of SIRAL has been consolidated over the years due to the high quality of its products and a strategic direction intent on competing on quality and precision.

This is the list of our certification:

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