Within today's panorama of companies producing valve equipment and gas taps, SIRAL stands out as an important player with continuing growth in production and exportation.
Its history is rooted in the Lumezzane area north of Brescia. Here a model business begun which made the best possible use of the expertise and manpower available.

The beginnings

In the period following the Second World War, the five Saleri brothers embarked on a handcrafting business in the production of weapons spare parts. Their workshop was the original operating centre of SIRAL. The excellent results achieved by FSL (Fratelli Saleri-Basgi), were the prelude to a policy of renewal: abandoning work for third parties and starting to sell their own products.

The turning point

In 1965, at the peak of the economic boom, FLS succesfully produced the first gas taps. In the following year, they received their first commission from a German company. Thus, a small, local company managed to enter the foreign market thanks to the high technical quality of its products, according to the "quality" over "quantity" poit of view.

The birth of an industry: SIRAL S.p.A.

In 1974 a new production plant was opened and the company changed its name and status to SIRAL S.p.A. Due to technological advances, production capacity was immediately doubled and over the following years, the company enjoyed continued growth: buying several smal businesses into the group. The share capital of SIRAL thus increased from the original 480 million lire to the current 5.500.000 Euros.
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