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How to avoid difficult to assemble hydraulic circuits by using a single-bodied and compact By-Pass valve

If you, like our business partners at Graphoidal Developments Ltd in the UK (, have ever experienced the difficulties of assembling a hydraulic by-pass circuit from individual parts, you will know that it is both time consuming and technically difficult to achieve a satisfactory result, and you will surely appreciate Siral’s new BY-PASS valve package.

Graphoidal Developments Ltd design and manufacture specialized production equipment for the container glass industry and have recently released an automatic swabbing system called the AUTOSWAB. Before discovering Siral’s revolutionary one-piece by-pass valve, Graphoidal used to assemble a complicated by-pass circuit (used inside their Autoswab system) like this:

Typical for a traditional by-pass circuit, this assembly used 17 individual parts, was time consuming to assemble and caused potential alignment issues when installed into its final position within the AUTOSWAB equipment. All of these disadvantages were overcome with the use of our one-piece By-Pass valve:

SIRAL One-Piece By-Pass Valve

Installation of valve into a Graphoidal AUTOSWAB machine

It can be seen that the Siral By-Pass valve can be installed into a restricted space and gives a neat and profession outcome that is much superior to the traditional assembly of valves and fittings.

Graphoidal have been pleased to report that the use of the SIRAL By-Pass valve in their AUTOSWAB equipment has given the following advantages:

  • Important improvement in quality of the final AUTOSWAB machine.
  • Significant savings in assembly time of hydraulic circuits.
  • Improved pass rate and thus time savings in the testing stage of hydraulic circuits.
  • Better customer experience – easy to use and less handles to turn to achieve by-pass!
  • Useful reduction in sourcing and stock levels of individual valves and fittings

This is just one example of how our By-Pass valve has been used to great effect and with good benefits to both the equipment manufacturer and the final customer. Our valves can be supplied in a range of sizes and can be used with water, steam, oil, and other mediums by request.

How can we help you with your By-Pass circuits?

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